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naturesbeauty's Journal

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Celebrating the Beauty of Nature
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All Members , Moderated
Share the beauty of nature through photos and art.
If you have issues about approval to post, abuse, or really anything send a message to the active maintainer and moderator of the group, thank you.

Please note the owner inertiaflux has retired from care of this community. Please do not direct questions to them.

Or check here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/

This is a community for art celebrating nature's beauty in all it's various forms. While this place tends to be photography heavy, it is also a place for paintings, sketches, prose, poetry, and other creative works.

*All posts must be on topic.
*If your image is not greater than 1000px width, there is no need for a thumbnail. Anything over 1000px at it's largest size REQUIRES a thumbnail.
*Humans are allowed in images, but should not be the center of attention.
*All images (including thumbnails) should be a MINIMUM of 300px in width OR height.
*Images greater than 1000px in width or height should be placed behind an LJ-cut or thumbnailed .
*Any posts with more than two images should be put behind an LJ-cut.
*Non-worksafe images should be and labeled as such.
*Please no links, we would appreciate just seeing the images in the entry itself.
*All posts must have comments enabled.
*All content should be made by you.
*Other languages are allowed but please remember the owner of this community speaks English, while the moderator does speak Russian.
*Advertising other communities is allowed only if that community is relevant in theme. A picture is STILL REQUIRED in the post.

Whats a Lj-cut???

If you get rejected.
If your request is rejected and you want to know why - send a note to a moderator. You do need to join the community if you want to contribute and I recommend doing that, however you do not need to join to see posts. If your journal has no entries and no info on it I have no way of knowing if you are a real person. Again, if you need to explain, the above journal is where you post all that information.
It could take a few days to get approved.
IF YOU ARE REJECTED PLEASE SEND US A NOTE! We don't want spam bots so if we are unsure we will reject you. If you can write a clear and concise note explaining you are to a robot then we will accept you.

Also, I cannot help you if you have no validated your email address. This applies for new accounts. If your email address is not validated I cannot accept or reject your membership request, this is a livejournal rule. So please validate your email address before getting upset at me or spamming my message box.

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