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halloween hike.
Ein - Trail Dog
lemmingpie wrote in naturesbeauty
Pictures taken on the Kelly's Run Trail in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Kelly's Run Creek

Tree Tops

Susquehanna River

Tree Tops


Tree Tops

Kelly's Run

Leaves in the Sun


Leaf Pool

HA! Snuck one of my dog in.

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(and your dog is quite the cutie! What breed?)

Thank you!

He's a corgi cross of some sort, his name is Ein ^_^

You're welcome :)

Ah! I suspected as much (well, the being a corgi-mix, not that his name is Ein. Although Ein is a very good name for a corgi :).

Pretty views :)

I like the sun shining on the water.

pretty! i grew up around there, i love that place ;)

Aw, really? Good to hear!
I adore going hiking on all the lower lancaster county trails...

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