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Plant ID
Dragonfly Fairy
drag_n_fly77 wrote in naturesbeauty
My sister bought this cute little plant for me today at walmart for $4. It is a fuzzy succulant plant but does anyone know the real name of it?? And one more question....is it supposed to have the brownish edges. It looks kinda burnt. It seems to be healthy and the "burnt" edges gives it a very interesting look in my opinion.

In advance....Thanks for you help!! ;) 

((EDIT:I am so sorry.  I meant this post to be posted in another community called growing indoors.  I apoligize!

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It might be an aloe vera (not sure at all though). If the skin is withered/puckered, it might actually just need some water. It's cute though!

Thanks for the comment!! I must have been half asleep last night when I posted that, I posted to the wrong community! Silly me.
I'm glad nobody has yelled at me for it yet!

Haha, I didn't even notice!


Well, it's living plant, with living micro-organisms in its soil ^_^. That's natural and beautiful to me. :)

Um... what does the tag say? Does it even give the succulent family on the back?
I've seen ones like that before in stores and I think the colouring is okay - I've been idly looking through google to see if I can find it, but any more info that you can give might help. I'm curious! :)

The tag just said that it was a succulant. No other info was provided excet water, temp, and light conditions. Plus the picture of other succulants that really did not even resemble this one. Thanks for your comment!

Name - Pronounced e-CHEV-er-ee-a. It is named after Anthanasia Echeverria Godoy, a botanical artist who accompanied the expedition under Sessé and Mociño to Mexico between 1787 and 1797.

Description - Echeveria is a succulent which comes in a variety of forms, with many different common names. It usually has rosettes of fleshy leaves which flower in spring, summer or winter depending on species. Echeveria multicaulus (or Mexican rose) produces red and yellow flowers in winter.

Origin - Mexico, South America
Family - Crassulaceae

Varieties - There are countless varieties and hybrids available, with green and brownish-red, often hairy or frosted leaves. Among the best known are Echeveria derenbergii (painted lady) and Echeveria agavoide (moulded wax plant) and Echeveria glauca (blue echeveria).

Care Tips - Like most succulents, it likes plenty of sunshine. Easy to care for and ideal as a houseplant, it needs moderate amounts of water during the growing period. It is best to water the plant from the bottom or stand in a saucer of water for about an hour, to moisten the compost. Dampness kills the plant. Spread a layer of coarse sand or gravel over the surface of the compost to protect the rosette-forming Echeveria from rotting.

Thank you!!

You are welcome :)

Ooh, I like this plant.

Panda plant.Hugs its ok.

so is the brown edged normal for this plant?

And silver edged ones too.Its a Kalanchoe.

i have a flowering kalanchoe but it doenst look like this--must be a different type of kalanchoe

There are lots of variations of Kalanchoe trust me!

just like any other plant!!! lol I have a phildendron vine and my friend gave me another plant and called it a philedendron---when I didnt believe her she emailed me a website about it. I am still learning!!

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