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evergladesqueen wrote in naturesbeauty


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Stunning. Tha nks for sharing.

thank you and you're welcome

This is really great. I can't wait till this weekend when I go out and photograph nature.

thank you. have yourself a great time and i hope you get to capture many beautiful things

What beautiful colours! :)

thank you. i need to get back outside again during sunset and take some more

this is gorgeous.

...it also makes me think a bit of the fires happening over here in cali.

thank you. OH GEEZ, sorry. I hope you are nowhere near any of it. I wish I could relocated a body of water to stop it all.

oh that is so sweet of you to say! thank you!!

i am close, but not close enough. i do have 3 friends that have been evacuated. but yes, the sun and light has been red and the air muggy with ash and smoke.
...wow i sound like a donwer.

anyway, your photograph is beautiful... you captured such an amazing moment in time! :)

glad to know that you are safe, sorry about your friends. that is so sad. i hate things of this sort. i am a hurricane Andrew survivor and i feel the pain others are feeling regardless of what has happened

:D you are so so sweet! i hope that you did not lose too much, or anything at all, in hurricane adrew!!
thank you so much! :)

no. i was one of the lucky ones on the block
thank you!

Absolutly stunning. What a beautiful sunset!!

thank you. it is always rather tough to get it good because of the powerlines/trees/houses in the way. so, i always have to aim a lil high

I have the same problems!! I take short little drives sometimes to get really good pictures of sunsets and rises.

my sunrises/sunsets are actually good ones where i live now {i recently moved} i dont mind the sunrises...{i always get the same tree in the way}
the sunsets are what kill me because of the stuff that are in the way! i need to drive out to the beach one of these to get a good sunset pic though

Wow, thanks for sharing

what a bautiful sight to wake me up this morning, thank you for sharing. And well done on the most excellent picture.

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