justplainjen (justplainjen) wrote in naturesbeauty,

When I die...


When I die...
I want to be burried by a tree like this.

Perfect strangers will come visit my grave every fall
to take pictures of my tree -
and then they will get curious and come closer
to see what my name was,
and for a few minutes
complete strangers will be thinking about me -
wondering how I died -
wondering if I was a good mother -
wondering if I had a good life -
wondering if I was a good wife -
and if I made a difference in the world...

I want to be burried by a tree like this...
because then after everyone that loves me is gone -
complete strangers will still take pictures of my grave
and think about me
and I will continue to exist in their imaginations. 

(sometimes I just get little brain blurbs...and this is what came of the photo)

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