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Color in California
rant, city crab
rantingranger wrote in naturesbeauty
The shorter days and cooler temperatures of autumn affect coastal California less severely than the Great Lakes and Northeast, resulting in a subtler shift of seasons; but we enjoy our understated fall color nonetheless.

Green gives way to gold in the foliage of black oaks.

Please join me on the trail through fall color in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Lafayette Ridge trail undulates along
 the southern spine of Briones Regional Park
 in Contra Costa County, northern California.

The leaves of the blue oak, just left of center, shift from blue to gold while the surrounding coast live oaks remain green; both varieties, along with canyon live oak, grow on the slopes of Mount Diablo, principle peak of the East Bay.

Yellowing black oaks peak out among the coast live oaks in this view across San Pablo Bay to Mount Tamalpais, principle peak of the North Bay.

Fall brings color to the trees ...

 ... and to the sky, and to San Francisco Bay itself here in Alameda.

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Thank you, I love fall in California. :)

Thanks; fall has certainly grown on me here, though I think spring remains my favorite season in this part of the country - I love to see those hills turn green. Have you spent much time at Briones? It seemed quite dog-friendly during my last visit, with many friendly dogs on the trails.

Lovely - your pictures tell a wonderful seasonal story!

Thanks - if you get a chance to swing by this side of the bay, Briones seems like quite the equestrian destination. Enjoy!

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