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Desert Beauty! - very image heavy
Chrissy: Glittery Lips
vacillated wrote in naturesbeauty
I live in Central Arizona.
Here is some desert beauty!

On top of the South Mountains, looking down at the Phoenix Metro Area.
(Also known as the Valley of the Sun!)

Salt River Canyon.

Salt River Canyon.

Woods Canyon Lake on the Mogollon Rim.

Looking down at the road below on top of the Mogollon Rim.

A stream in Prescott, Arizona.
Yep, I had to stand in the water to get this shot.
It was cold!

A fishing dock on Saguaro Lake.

On the banks of the Salt River.

Someone tubing down the Salt River.
For tourists: I reeeaaally wouldn't recommend tubing down the river.
There is layer of broken glass that's at least two inches thick at the bottom.
So if you don't wear shoes or fall out of your tube, you'll get hurt.

A saguaro cactus backed by some pretty mountains.
I can't remember what mountains those are.

Ah, the famous Jumping Cholla cacti.
They're also called Teddy-bear Chollas.
Please don't hug them!

A flowering barrel cactus from my grandma's front yard.

A Prickly Pear cactus from my backyard.

And you can never forget...

...our beautiful skies.

Note: I've taken all of these pictures in the last few years.
Please don't use them or claim them as your own.

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Saguaro Lake is my favorite place in the world to relax! Beautiful pics!

I love visiting Saguaro Lake at night. It's so peaceful and great for fishing.

Thanks! :)

oh, i love tubing down the salt river. but yes, shoes are required. and watch for swinging ropes hanging from trees that can act as a noose. and watch for shallow rapids that make your butt slam against rocks. and when drinking all day beware of cops doing breathalizers as you get out of the water and sobriety check points on the way out!

soooo much fun though. (& full beers float, so pick them up when you see them floating by and get drunk for free!)

My boyfriends parents have jumping cholla in a pot and I have been warned several times not to accidentally touch them with colorful descriptions of what would happen if I do. Had no idea they grew so big in the wild. :)

Desert plants are neat.

I studied the sky island effect extensively in my college days, but I never got a look at just how lush plant life could get at elevation in Arizona until I saw your fifth image. So cool, and thanks for taking the time to provide helpful captions - "flower" and "tree" don't add much {|:)>

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