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colored clouds
xrockxsteadyx wrote in naturesbeauty
 colorclouds.jpg picture by jackie1185 

colorclouds2.jpg picture by jackie1185 

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VERY pretty. Lucky you had your camera ready!

lol i take my camera everywhere! :)

it must have been pretty difficult to take such good pictures of the sun behind the clouds.
thank you, they're wonderful.

i have a really good camera (that wasn't too bad on price either) that has about 20 different settings i can change it to. I have lots of pictures of the clouds and sun. i love it.thanks so much for the comment

Thank you for sharing, these photographs are breathtaking.

I have always loved the beautiful golden edges the sun gives the clouds.

thanks! i try to take lots of pictures of the clouds and sun because you will never see the same formation twice.

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