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Romania, August 2007
trent daisy
naked_runner wrote in naturesbeauty

Romania, august 2007

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Is it possible to be homesick for a place you've never been?

Haha, probably, though I never experienced such a thing. Thank you! :D

absolutely beautiful, wish i was there!

Are those grapevines in one of the pics? Do they make wine there?

No, those aren't grapevines. But they make wine in those parts too. Wine making is traditional in Romania. Actually, that part of the country has a lot of vineyards. But not the specific area where I took the pics. In this area they grow fruit trees, among which plums used to make a pretty strong liquor.

VERY nice. The landscape is my wallpaper for the day....

I particularly like the thorn tree. What kind is it?

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