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Things I saw coming off the land this evening:
jack_rubicon wrote in naturesbeauty

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Wonderful. Where do you go to find porcupines?

thanks! :) ohm, i have seldom gone looking for a porcupine. They are vegetarians. I have seen them in trees stipping the bark off green branches...if you see this, you to be careful...they will shake their tail, and the quills will shower down...I spied this one on a wheat field that had been just harvested...i imagine it was eating the odd kernel left behind or maybe even the stocks...they are slow moving, and will constantly turn their back to you, so it's hard to get one to face you.

This was a real good set guy. I really like the one of the dog. Hopefully the dog didn't see the porcupine.

thanks again! :) ohm, cherro didn't...but while i was out on the land again today tamping post holes, Lil (1 year old blue healer came with about 11 sticking out of her snout)...fortunately, they came out fairly easy, and she is in the fenced in back yard now making quite the commotion...she is fine...lol...learning experience for her.

These photos make me want to sit in the shade of a tree with a glass of cold lemonade. So nice to see it captured on film. Thank you for sharing.

thanks! my pleasure :)

I love your pictures!! Thanks for sharing. The porcupine is very cute as well as the dog. I love scenery pictures. The sunset picture is very nice too. Well done and thanks again.

thank-you! my pleasure :)

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