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(no subject)
jack_rubicon wrote in naturesbeauty

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Very nice. Excellent color contrasts...

(Deleted comment)
depth of field indeed...lol...thanks! :)

Yes, I love the contrasts and focusing, but the barn being right in the middle of the shot just irks me because of the rule of thirds... The grass is a third, the fence is at a third, but the barn... BAM, right in the center. Otherwise, nice shot :)

yeah thanks :) lol...sorry it urks you...not so ideal...i know...i contemplated not putting it on this site...kept it on my own for a few days then decided "what the hay?"...the fence post is covering a hydro pole that just wasn't doing it for me...so shed gets more attention then it deserves...i do find if the primary colors are present, magic is not too far away :) thanks for your input, and peace.out

Haha, hydro pole... okay, I'm sure the barn in the middle irks me less than a hydro pole in the middle and the barn to the side :p Thanks for sharing!

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