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British Waterways need a slap.

One of my favourite sites is Napton Reservoir. A feed reservoir for the Oxford Canal which has a small SSSI along two sides of it. The reservoir is raised above the meadows by about 15 feet, giving a large slopping bank problem around three sides.

napton reservoir 09082007-07

Each year British Waterways mow the banks in early June and late August.

napton reservoir 25052007

Last year after complaints they left a strip uncut all around the site but not this year as you can see. Slowly the site has recovered over the weeks, but there has been depressingly little activity since the June scalping, both Common Blue and Blue-tail Damselflies are well down, precious few Red-eyed, and Large Red, a handful of Black-tailed Skimmers, no Emperor, no Four Spotted Chasers, and yes I know its been a horrid year but even so.

Then two weeks ago I photographed this on the site:

napton reservoir 09082007-07

this evening I returned to see if there were any more about, only to find the banks have been scalped again. I didn't bother to get out of the car.

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