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More Tuolumne
tree, squirrel, Yosemite, Golden mantled ground squirrel
clwriter wrote in naturesbeauty
old tree A Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel kept darting in and out from its home under this fallen tree.

river The river is very low this year. The previous picture of the fallen tree was taken from a spot just beyond that clump of willows on the right.

The soda springs are almost dried out this late in the year.

Lembert Lembert Dome from the Dog Lake trail.Tenaya View from Tenaya Lake beach.
trees I loved these trees: their roots made such an interesting shape on the sand. I felt like I was a guest in their home.

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Nice pics, again. :) And thanks for sharing about the river. I could tell it was low, but it seemed really really low. I didn't know what to compare it to though. A pamphlet I read though, said that the falls dry up by mid-summer. We didn't know that though, when we took the walk to the falls.

There have been dry years before: but now some of the glaciers in the high country are shrinking! There was an article about this last year (2006) if you want to read more: http://www.yosemite.org/member/Summer%202006%20final.pdf
May and early June are the times to see the falls at their peak, no matter if it's a wet or dry year. My most recent pics of the falls in Yosemite Valley were taken in March - before the snow melts, the falls aren't at peak volume either. I tend to go to the valley during the winter months since I'm rather averse to crowds.

Beautiful pictures. I really like those trees as well, the way they are clustered together. This is the sort of photograph you don't often see in the big travel magazines...

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