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(no subject)
joan72 wrote in naturesbeauty
                            Tree spirits
                            Line the autumn road
                            Avoiding leaves
                            You dart through the air
                            Catching a hint
                            Of the fragrance to come
                            But August still lingers
                            before heading south
                            Filling your lungs
                            With its warm breezes

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I've had enough of Summer and been longing for Autumn since before the 4th of July, along with others.

I've been burning woodsy scented incense to help ease my longing for the seasons to change.

What a beautiful poem. It reminded me we have another 8 days of August left. At least in September the nights cool off.

It's a lovely poem. For me August is the last month of our winter and we don't have many deciduous trees over here. There is one park that I do know of where I can go and walk through the leaves!

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