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southern alberta
jack_rubicon wrote in naturesbeauty

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Very beautiful,only this wire on the first plan isn't good
All the same,it looks like Levitans' work.my congratulations!

thanks for the compliment and the much needed critique...wow...i had never heard of Levitan before...just googled him...checked out some paintings...very good will look more in depth later when i have finished day's work...ohm? what don't you like about the wire? its placement, or its focus? what?

the wire is just unnecessary,I think.But its' only my opinion,I just think (esactly- feel) so...

As for Levitan,so he is one of the best Russian artists. It's pleasure to hear you like him)))
PS.sorry for my English)))

no worries...your english is fine...thanks again for the input...peace.out

A very interesting picture. I like the colours in it

I love this picture. It is very beautiful. I have taken some like this myself here is Montana.

thanks...yeah, i was just in kelispel...similar terrain...

An absolutely beautiful landscape, I really like the rolling plains leading up to those mountains in the far ground.

Very nice! I just love the mountains in the background!

mountains are a nice backdrop

thanks :)

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