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cutecoati wrote in naturesbeauty
Some shots from my last year's visit to beautiful, magnificent Iceland which is all kinds of awesome!

Sunrise at Vatnajoekull

A (small) Iceberg just offshore at Vatnajoekull

The Vatnajoekull Lagoon in brilliant...

and, only one day earlier, in not-so-brilliant weather.

Dyrholaey shortly after-

and Grundarfjoerdur shortly before a thunderstorm

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Those are some beautiful pictures my dear! I love the waterfall in the first one, with the rainbow coming down. And the contrast in the last pic is chilling, with the golden grasses, the dark ominous sky, and the black mountain.

They're all stunning! Now I want to go to Iceland!

I was there 20 years ago. Iceland is so timeless. It's as if nothing ever changes. ever.

I remember how blue the ice was. I stayed at a youth hostel just up the road a drive and a hike away. Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories.

you must of had an amazing time!
thank you for sharing your beautiful photos

Such Beautiful Photo's I want to go there.

This is simply outstanding :)

Breathtaking!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

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