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(no subject)
Baby Squirrel
shadowolff24 wrote in naturesbeauty

More here

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Very nice! I saw the tigers last winter during the Zoo Lights, they are so amazing up close! A keeper was there and the tiger came right up to the gate!

Thank you! They are really fantastic creatures (one of my favorites). I loved watching the keeper train them. It's a fabulous exhibit.

It was interesting, the tiger seemed to be acting like a huge version of the two kitties we have at home, and the keeper said they do share many of the same mannerisms!

But thinking about it later, the "big" difference is that I give meals to my kitties, but the tiger is big enough to consider me a meal!! ;) And I know how my kitties like to hunt things smaller than they are, so we must assume that a tiger just might like hunting smaller me!! ;)

Haha indeed! I must admit, every time I see the big cats, they totally remind me of my kitties at home. Even just their facial features seem similar to me. It's so fascinating to me to watch how their behaviors can be so alike.

Btw, if you would like to do a mutual LJ Friending thing, that would be great! And if not, that is perfectly OK as well! I am quite a bit older than you, and that is an issue with some people. At any rate, there you have it! :)

The gorilla portrait's really caught my eye and I like the Przewalski horses Thank you for posting those photographs.

Thank you! I really like your emoticons. :D

Thank you I am glad you like them.

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