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neitherday wrote in naturesbeauty
female cardinal on branch

male cardinal on branch

male cardinal on ground

female cardinal in tree

female cardinal on branch

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I love cardinals. I had never seen them before, and then I went to Maryland to visit a college and woke up to find a male and female hopping around the garden outside the window. Later, I did some research and learned that cardinals mate for life, and they were a husband & wife, of sorts. It's one of my favourite memories.

Beautiful! I haven't seen any cardinals here this winter. We had a lot of them throughout the Summer.

Commenting on your comment to say I love the icon, adorable!

And to the original post; I have never seen a cardinal at all, even heard of such a bird... They're pretty, that last picture especially, I really love the light and the fact that you can only see the bird and the branches.

I see you are in Finland. I'm not a bird expert but I don't think the Cardinals would live through the extreme cold there. I live in the Midwest U.S. and the cardinals stay around here through the winter.

The male is the brilliant red bird and the female is the dull color. They have about 4 hatchings of eggs per summer. It is interesting to note that once the baby bird are out of the nest, it is the job of the father red bird to take care of feeding them. The mother does not do that. The baby red birds will flutter their wings and squak and carry on like they are helpless until the father puts food into their mouth. They are still doing this when they reach the size of an almost full grown bird.

These are very good photos. Notice the topnotch on the female and how her beak is red in addition to the dull colors.

The red male will reach a red that is so brilliant that they almost glow by the end of summer. It's interesting to note that the male has a black band around his beak and part of his lower face. They will also have black feathers mixed in with the red ones on their back and in their tail.

Last summer I saw the strangest thing. We have thousands of black birds here and evidently one mated with a red bird. I saw what was definitely a male red bird but he had more black feathers on him than any Cardinal I've ever seen.
But he had that topnotch and black mask above his beak.

On a final note, Cardinals make their nests in thick green bushes to raise their babies. But in the winter they nest in shrubs and yews (greenery)and cedars. That is more windproof as obviously bushes with leaves lose them and the nest is exposed to all weather.

In a way it's sad they wouldn't survive here. On the other hand, the diversity of regions makes it possible for the world to keep its wonderful species... Perhaps I will travel to the US some day.

Judging by your description, cardinals seem to be special in several aspects. The colour looks astonishing even in these photographs, they must be so beautiful in summer! In contrast with all the greens...

Black and red bird? That would definitely be worth seeing... The colours of my passion. I'm definitely from this world.

Thank you for sharing this information.

So lovely. Cardinals are a thing of beauty and a joy forever. (There was one here over Christmas who kept preening in the car's rear view mirrors. I wonder if he's still around...)

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