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Bittersweet Sunset
zenjaphy wrote in naturesbeauty

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oh man, i love the coloring in this one! also, the shot is beautiful. how did you get it like that?

No real tricks, that's just what it looked like that day. It was taken with film and I scanned the negative.

nice, i'll have to try that sometime. :)

How do you scan a negative? I love the look of that picture.

Thank you. I'm not sure if the two sentences you wrote were connected, but if they are I'd have to say the look of the picture has more to do with the film it was taken on than the fact that it was scanned. In this case that film was Kodak Ultra Color 400, which is getting to be quite difficult to find.

To actually answer your first question though you need a scanner that is designed to scan film. I use this one, though it's apparently been replaced by a newer model.

No, the comments were supposed to be separate..I should have returned between them.

Weird, I didn't know it was possible to scan a negative directly. Kind of sad that no darkroom is needed then, but it does save using all the chemicals :/

The sky and water look so strangely beautiful!

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