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The World in Black and White
isquiesque wrote in naturesbeauty

The world today is black and white and melting rapidly.
Though the snow sometimes makes things difficult,
I find myself sad at the prospect of it disappearing
and I look forward to the next layer of white.

I've found myself thinking a great deal lately
about the limited number of colors in this season.
Of black and white with barely perceptible touches
of deep, dark evergreen, punctuated by grey skies.
Only the rich blue of the ocean lends true contrast.

And yet the season is stunning in its simplicity.

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I really like both the picture and the poem. Reminds me of a picture i drew long ago ...

OMG!!!! where do you live!
( i live in a place where i SHOULD have snow,starting in DEC. at the every latest. but we have had ANY so far this winter!) i miss my snow!

er haven't had is what i was saying.

Heh. Southeastern Alaska. I took this image a week or so ago, when we had about three feet on the ground and a few inches freshly fallen still in the trees.

Where are you that you should have snow, but don't?

(Deleted comment)
Well, if it should, then I hope it will!

It's snowing here again tonight. :)

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