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Walk in the park
glowing jellyfish
blue_blubber wrote in naturesbeauty

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looks like a beautiful day

For February it was a beautiful day.

we too are having strange cold sunny days with blue sky, and it looks like spring, but feels like winter.. the air is still cold
your photo looks a lot like a riverside park near here..
; )

Edited at 2019-03-05 04:56 am (UTC)

Maybe you will post a photo of the park near you?

i don't walk much in the winter, the cold wreaks havoc on my face nerves, but i'll try get there on a sunny day and get you a photo
; )

I hope you get a sunny, warm day soon.

RE: Re: beautiful days

me too, i will get you that photo, just because i want to, not sure of when
remind me again if i don't get back to you

That is a gorgeous shot!

Thanks. This is the greenbelt directly behind my home. I try to get out and walk it every day.

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