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Japanese garden in autumn
glazova58 wrote in naturesbeauty
The day becomes more solemn and serene
When noon is past -- there is a harmony
In autumn, and a lustre in its sky,
Which through the summer is not heard or seen,
As if it could not be, as if it had not been!
(Percy Bysshe Shelley)

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I’m glad to hear it))

Thanks for your kind words!)

Beautiful photos, makes me miss Japan even more ❤

thank you very much
I hope you will see Japan again
or come to Moscow))

I'm planning a trip to Japan next year, I hope everything goes well. Moscow seems like an interesting place to visit as well! Maybe I should add it to my list :)

*Maybe I should add it to my list *
- Certainly))

Хорошо в саду. Продумано для отдыха.

Японский сад сделан, скорее, для созерцания, а для отдыха, за его оградой, – 330 га Ботанического сада, и там тоже прелесть как красиво, надо мне и сюда фотографии выложить.

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