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How Wolves change rivers
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pigshitpoet wrote in naturesbeauty
Originally posted by mi3ch at lupus est

In 1995, 14 wolves were released in Yellowstone National Park, scientists didn't know it will radically change the entire ecosystem of the Park.

Wolves were diminished in the Park 70 years ago and during that time flourished deer after which years of uncontrolled breeding (all people's efforts to control their population failed) caused heavy damage to local flora. Fourteen wolves, of course, could not eat all the deer, but they forced them into carefully chosen places for pasture and to avoid certain areas of the Park. Vegetation started to revive. For six years the number of trees has increased fivefold. There were beavers, which used the trees for construction of dams. Floodplains wound up housing muskrat, ducks and fish. Wolves have also reduced the population of jackals, which led to an increase in the number of hares and mice, and they in turn attracted Park hawks, weasels and foxes. The Park came to the bears, as they were able to drive away the wolves from their extraction or eating their leftovers. The number of berries in the Park.

But the most surprisingly, wolves changed the course of rivers. The river straightened up and stabilized, diminished in shoreline erosion. The effects of wolves on deer has led to explosive growth of trees and grass on the banks of the rivers, which led to their consolidation, changing the geography of the Park itself, all thanks to the fourteen wolves released there less than twenty years ago.


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are cats related to wolves? your avatar resembles a loveable gremlin or ewok.. sweet.
glad you liked it.

A wonderful story, May i re-post it.

it's been around a while. i remember it circulating on FB about a year ago.

Thank you. :)

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thank my russian friends. they're pretty savvy.

Elk and mule deer, not just deer. Yes, elk are very like the Eurasian red deer, but they're Cervus canadensis (almost, if not completely identical, to the red deer of eastern Asia) while the European/west Asian species is Cervus elaphus. And it's coyotes, not jackals. Coyote is Canis latrans. A drop in the coyote population, thanks to wolves, has allowed the recovery of foxes. Wolves tolerate foxes in their territories; coyotes kill foxes. More wolves --> more foxes. More foxes --> more predation on very small mammalian prey and on insects (young foxes take grasshoppers.)

and control the human tourist species keeping that to a minimum. we would just ruin everything all over again.

wolves... .

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