December 30th, 2007

Moderators may delete if they feel it is neccesary!

I posted this yesterday, and deleted it when a member directed me to a photography competition group, but I'm not sure that's exactly what I'm looking for... to me, photography is a matter of relaxation/meditation, and I'd rather not transform it into a new and exciting rat race.  That is my explanation.

Based on someones recent post, I had the idea that we occasionally have themes to jump start our creativity (or at least this once). I also think it will be neat to see what direction each member of our little group take a prompt. What do you think?

For instance, we could do a "Backyard" theme with a few simple rules.

Take 3 "micro" shots to represent your backyard and 3 "macro".  Take this to mean what you will; detail shots verse overviews, your actual backyard verses your neighborhood, your city versus your state, etc.  Remember, only 3 to represent the small, only 3 to represent the big, so choose your shots carefully! You're our one and only expert of your backyard. :-)

All shots must be taken AFTER the prompt.

Follow the group rules: (just a reminder!)

And... anything else you want to throw out there? I want this to be neat for all of us. :-)