December 27th, 2007

Sweetest Kiss
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Louisiana sunset

I was sitting on my Mom's patio Christmas Day, and the sun was so beautiful setting over the lake through the silhouette of the tree. I just had to capture it!

The first picture I snapped, I accidentally left the flash on. But I think it looks cool, too; so Collapse )
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pic from a xmas card

This picture is from a Christmas card I received.  It reminded me of home and I wanted to share it.  Ofcourse it was a lot more vivid on the card.  I hope everyone had an awsome Christmas filled with warm memories, lots of laughter, family and ofcourse delicious food!  Huggzz to all!!

**edit**  here's a funny....I posted this last night but found out this morning I posted to my journal and not this community....silly now it's cross posted