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dec. 1
helenatroy wrote in naturesbeauty

Louisiana sunset
Sweetest Kiss
rosy wrote in naturesbeauty
I was sitting on my Mom's patio Christmas Day, and the sun was so beautiful setting over the lake through the silhouette of the tree. I just had to capture it!

The first picture I snapped, I accidentally left the flash on. But I think it looks cool, too; so here it is:Collapse )

pic from a xmas card
drag_n_fly77 wrote in naturesbeauty
This picture is from a Christmas card I received.  It reminded me of home and I wanted to share it.  Ofcourse it was a lot more vivid on the card.  I hope everyone had an awsome Christmas filled with warm memories, lots of laughter, family and ofcourse delicious food!  Huggzz to all!!

**edit**  here's a funny....I posted this last night but found out this morning I posted to my journal and not this community....silly me......so now it's cross posted

still thinking fall...
bee tongue
sunshinepixels wrote in naturesbeauty

big dreams
bee tongue
sunshinepixels wrote in naturesbeauty


Hoarfrost and fog
_m_u_ wrote in naturesbeauty

hear more

(no subject)
andy_adams wrote in naturesbeauty