December 24th, 2007


Cameras only do so much

If anyone was looking for proof of beauty in the universe, it was coming up over the FL Keys last night.  Unfortunately, I did not have the equipment to capture it adequately.  I had a digital camera - just no good.  I had a 35mm SLR, but no tripod.  I had Polaroids...but...  If I were a painter, I could give it to you.  Instead, I will offer words:
The last of the revelers parted Mallory Square in Key West, content with another Sunset Celebration and ready for another night of seafood and beer.  The moon rose out of the water last night, engorged on light and its own ego.  It hung, just above the water, the mangrove trees, the sailors and lone fishermen hanging over the sides of decrepit bridges.  It cast out its brilliance over the rippling tide, the tarpon swimming, and the gulls still swooping in the waning dusk.  It climbed, spreading its illumination out over the houses and palm trees, both decked out in Christmas lights that stood no chance of competing.  It fought mightily against the light pollution of Miami so that even the suburbs and plant nurseries and night clubs could see.  And then it yawned, and sank below the opposite horizon to make room for the diva sun.
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Holiday Rambles Blog

All I wanted to do was go out for a walk, and my family thought it would be fun to dress me up with this silly hat! At least they didn't expect me to go up on the rooftop or down the chimney or anything.

Then they made my friend Criket the pony wear the **?!#% hat too. But she completely ignored it and kept on eating. Way to go Criket!

I don't know if it's a good idea to give these people so much time off - they don't seem to understand that the main thing in life is to eat lots of green stuff, get some exercise in the sun, and kick back with friends. They dragged a tree into the house - they don't even eat trees, as far as I know! Although nothing surprises me anymore.

Enjoy your holiday rambles! May you find green fields and clear skies all around you, and may you never go hungry or thirsty.
From Moe the llama and friends
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