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My favorite winter pics so far
blue sky
miz_geek wrote in naturesbeauty

The morning after the snowstorm

three moreCollapse )

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_m_u_ wrote in naturesbeauty

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meganleewelch wrote in naturesbeauty

Photo Diary of a Beach
holypigeon wrote in naturesbeauty
I really love beachscapes. Apart from the grandiose awesomeness of the ocean, I’m astounded by the plethora of detail that makes the natural world so beautiful: patterns, textures, subtle and striking color variations, and the way these qualities lend themselves to the overall perfection of the composition they create. I have yet to meet anyone that gets as excited as I do about a murky tide-pool, seaweed strewn across a rock, or an oddly shaped piece of driftwood. I obsessively take pictures from various angles, hoping to capture that elusive thing contained in these seemingly insignificant elements that brings me joy.

Here are a few of my resulting photographs...Collapse )

From Sugar Loaf, Wales
apel wrote in naturesbeauty
I walked up Sugar Loaf, near Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, yesterday. This photo was taken on the way back again. It shows the ridge I had come up on in the distance. Many more photos from the walk in my LJ.

Rock with Rholben ridge in the background
Wallpaper, feel free to use