December 20th, 2007

rant, city crab

A Walk In My "Front Yard"

I have the good fortune of seeing San Francisco Bay from my balcony and walking along its shores on a daily basis. I try not to take my fortunate situation for granted, and days like yesterday go a long way toward keeping me in line {|:)>

With a storm on the horizon and a chill in the air,
I ended up putting the only human footprints
on the mudflat that day.

This green shore crab
(Hemigrapsus oregonensis)
had begun to grow back two missing legs
on her left side.

Evidence of the Atlantic green crab
(Carcinus maenas)
usually bums me out, as they prey heavily upon
San Francisco Bay's native crabs (above),
but this beautiful molt got a pass!

By sunset, these storm clouds had filled the sky
above San Francisco Bay.
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