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Autumn - winter. November-december in Germany
_m_u_ wrote in naturesbeauty

Autumn - winter. November-december in Germany.Collapse )

Turn on the heat
foto_man wrote in naturesbeauty
Red hot coals. Shot with tripod & remote trigger.

more pics from montana
Dragonfly Fairy
drag_n_fly77 wrote in naturesbeauty
It snowed last sunday.  It was sudden.  The morning started out semi sunny the it clouded up.  All of a sudden the ground was white and it snowed all night long.  

Pride in a cosmos
grei87 wrote in naturesbeauty

Les Olives
ericrovve wrote in naturesbeauty
A short piece showing olive-oil being made at the Callas moulin, Var, France (this afternoon)

The olives are first washed and debris taken out, then ground to a pulp, oil and water content separated, the oil comes out and the pulp that's left makes an excellent compost.