December 13th, 2007

  • mumpish


Hi, there. I think this is my first post here. These are some nature shots I took on a recent motorcycle trip to the Gulf Coast. I need a longer lens.


The pictures on this forum are so beautiful, I had to join and share my own.  Here's a poem about winter and picture to go along with it. I wrote the poem last spring, long before I took the picture, but I think they go together nicely.


Snow covers my wooden fence

And all the land beyond.

It hides the dirt and dead leaves,

Sugarcoats the crabapples and rosehips;

Making Christmas candy for the birds

As it frosts the imperfections

Of green life in icy white.

But I remember service berry flowers,

Bloodroot and crisp spring ramps,

Wild ginger, trilliums, trout lilies,

And the smooth leathery feel

Of new tulip tree leaves.

And even now in the lowlands,

Spikes of skunk cabbage poke

Through the black soil

As they melt back the winter’s snow.

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  • kev_n_r

Onaping Falls

This 5,000 resident town was originally a lumber and gold mining town, 55 km northwest of Sudbury. It has become famous for the High Falls, where the Onaping River drops 46 metres in a single plunge. The town is at the point where the Canadian Shield meets the Sudbury Nickel Irruptive, caused by a meteorite strike two billion years ago. There is a lookout off the main road, called the A.Y. Jackson Lookout, for the famous Group of Seven artist who memorialized the view on his canvas.