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Driving through the mountains
trent daisy
naked_runner wrote in naturesbeauty

rwnetwork wrote in naturesbeauty

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More Sunrise
vainchicken wrote in naturesbeauty
Here are the rest of the sunrise pictures that I took... I would've spent some more time on them, but it was freezing cold and I needed to head to class!
Yay more excuses
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I don't have any sort of image editor... well really. Anything of Quality that is. I'm looking for some kind of advice or suggestions in anything involving that... I'm pretty clueless. I'm talking photoshop programs or what have you. Thank You!!!

Some Water Shots at a lake a routinely hike around
animalrecords wrote in naturesbeauty

I have so many more, my computer is just going so slow right now. I'm going to scan for spyware then upload some more.

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jaarronn wrote in naturesbeauty