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ian_green wrote in naturesbeauty
xeto2005a1416 (c) ян грин 2005 хето

winter is ON

New Hurlburt Field Series
Eszra Florida Sunset
eszra wrote in naturesbeauty

I've been falling behind in updating this Blog lately.  To catch up:

Green Fence
Green Fence - Navarre,FL

Another from the Navarre Series.  Probably my favorite of the Navarre Bridge.  Although the bridge isn't the main subject is it ;)

Mornings First Light
Mornings First Light - Hurlburt Field, FL

I got so many great shots at this amazing sunrise the a couple weeks ago.  There will probably be 7 total in the series from this day.

Dark Day
Dark Day

Same as above, just black and white

Red Dawn
Red Dawn - Hurlburt Field, FL

Lately I've been experimenting with color.  Not increasing saturation or digital vibrance, but altering the brightness of individual color channels (there are 6 or 7 in Lightroom).

Red Ink
Red Ink - Hurlburt Field - FL

Some edge vinyetting.  More to follow...

my first post here
earth, planet
juliaiam wrote in naturesbeauty

This is a path in Utrect, a most beautiful city in the Netherlands.

The jump
_m_u_ wrote in naturesbeauty

refractedpastel wrote in naturesbeauty
I'm a newbie here, both to this group and to photography. I wanted to say hello and perhaps get some feedback on the budget camera I'm looking at.

Canon PowerShot A460 5-Megapixel Digital Camera


Is it worth it? And if not, what budget camera would you recommend?

Thanks a million, guys! I hope to be able to post pictures with you soon,


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tightrope with umbrella
padaviya wrote in naturesbeauty
a chickadeeCollapse )

(this is intotheivy after a name change)

Lehigh Gap Nature Center
ellyssian wrote in naturesbeauty

More, and larger!Collapse )

Click through on any of them to see more at Flickr.