December 1st, 2007

Eszra Florida Sunset
  • eszra

New Hurlburt Field Series

I've been falling behind in updating this Blog lately.  To catch up:

Green Fence
Green Fence - Navarre,FL

Another from the Navarre Series.  Probably my favorite of the Navarre Bridge.  Although the bridge isn't the main subject is it ;)

Mornings First Light
Mornings First Light - Hurlburt Field, FL

I got so many great shots at this amazing sunrise the a couple weeks ago.  There will probably be 7 total in the series from this day.

Dark Day
Dark Day

Same as above, just black and white

Red Dawn
Red Dawn - Hurlburt Field, FL

Lately I've been experimenting with color.  Not increasing saturation or digital vibrance, but altering the brightness of individual color channels (there are 6 or 7 in Lightroom).

Red Ink
Red Ink - Hurlburt Field - FL

Some edge vinyetting.  More to follow...