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Pali lookout, Oahu, Hawaii
madamehel wrote in naturesbeauty
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Eastern Washington in Winter
Tangent OR - Entering Tangent
maida_mac wrote in naturesbeauty

A farmhouse and environs in winter on the highlands near Waterville, WA, USA.

Highway 2 near Stevens Pass, WA

More photos available in the set The Dry Side in Winter on my Flickr account.

g0shawk wrote in naturesbeauty
Some pics I took over Thanksgiving break. I love silhouettes, and the sky was frickin' awesome! :)

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kimber2007 wrote in naturesbeauty
I know...another rose! I'm a little obsessive with the whole macro study and have about 200 shots to sort through still. And now I have to upload some of these photos before my computer crashes.

Sweetly Pink