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(no subject)
fall girl romantic by sweet_pics
daizy_mk wrote in naturesbeauty
Prospect park, Brooklyn.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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(no subject)
andy_adams wrote in naturesbeauty

It's fall in Tokyo right now (Mt Takao's Momiji festival)
Me - Chibi peace
hinoai wrote in naturesbeauty

The rest are in my journal here: http://hinoai.livejournal.com/651388.html

It was absolutely beautiful up in the local mountain (Mt. Takao) last friday. It was also time for the momiji festival (Momiji = "Changing of the leaves"). Japan is so proud of this change of color that they have a special word for it. ^^

Butterfly Conservation Exhibit - Museum of Natural History
Baby Squirrel
shadowolff24 wrote in naturesbeauty