November 22nd, 2007

Eszra Florida Sunset
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Pensacola Sunset

Disco Sky

Disco Sky - Hurlburt Field, FL

OK, so I'm behind in posting.  This image is actually from over a month ago, I just processed it from my back log of RAW material.  I have a huge backlog of material waiting to get "developed".

Magic Stump

Magic Stump - Navarre, FL

Unusual color and exposure, but that is what I like about it ;)

Rubble at Pensecola Bay-Edit

Rubble at Pensacola Bay - Pensacola, FL

We went down to Pensacola to catch the sunset, and just over the bridge we found this scene.

Pensecola Purple and Blue

Pensacola Purple and Blue

This was the scene after the sun had gone done.  I love after glow.

Gold Dragon Sunrise

Gold Dragon Sunrise

So its a sunset, I like the title with "Sunrise" better so that's what I used.  All of the images in this post are panos, though this is the only one which actually looks like a "traditional" panoramic. 


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This is a shot from my mother's house.  I really like the colors of the trees. I can't believe how much green is still around.  The house is being sold as she passed on in August of this year, so I could be a bit skewed by that, still I like it.  My pic (avitar) at the top is on the sunporch from the inside of the house.

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