November 18th, 2007

dead cat saturday

s, the dogs and i were out for a walk on the golf course today and before we entered the valley i discovered a dead cat...i think you might find it's kind of unpleasant to look at, i suppose...i was mesmerized...pulled the old dog off it...i think he wanted to take it home with him...i shooed him away...we went for our walk, and arriving home i went back and got my camera...other than, perhaps, a disturbed 10 year old boy in me that wants to poke sticks at dead things, i think i like how it is blending back into it's surroundings...i guess, i could only hope for such a decomposition:

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Southern beauty

I found this magnolia in bloom and laden with Spanish moss, and found it too beautiful not to share. I had to touch the blooms to believe they were real, myself, as I've never seen one in bloom this late in the year, even here in Florida. I'm making the images small since there are a couple. Just click through to see larger images.

Dreamscape, III

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