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just a random park
caniasku wrote in naturesbeauty

Posing for the Camera
kimber2007 wrote in naturesbeauty
I took this shot at the Jacksonville zoo - this guy was in the African aviary. I'm sorry to tell you I've forgotten his name, but he seemed quite used to having his photo taken. And while he might not be beautiful...he sure is cute.

Posing for the camera

(no subject)
portrait thing
mymichelle wrote in naturesbeauty

Eastern Gray Squirrel & Groundhog - High Park; Toronto, ON.
torturedmute wrote in naturesbeauty

new photo community
red me
akai_siren wrote in naturesbeauty
I've started a new photography community for UK photographers :)


feel free to visit.

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jaarronn wrote in naturesbeauty

Bear Mountain Pkwy, NY
word_gardener wrote in naturesbeauty
These two photos are from the scenic stop on the Bear Mountain Parkway in NY.  They are of the Hudson River and surrounding mountains.  The mountains are quite a change from the broccoli they look like in the spring and summer.

San Carlos
traemepaz wrote in naturesbeauty
Hey, I'm new and I thought I'd share some of the beauty I found in San Carlos, Mexico.  Nothing special, but beautiful nonetheless. 

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andy_adams wrote in naturesbeauty

Stoned SP
daddi_cade wrote in naturesbeauty

© MRadclyffe 2007

Click for bigger (you can see ice crystals!)

Lake Ontario.
torturedmute wrote in naturesbeauty