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ccat50 wrote in naturesbeauty
We had an amazing sunrise this morning. I just had to share.

Two more photosCollapse )

High Park Birds
torturedmute wrote in naturesbeauty

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meganleewelch wrote in naturesbeauty

copyright megan lee welch 2007

Canon Rebel XT

American Flamingos
kimber2007 wrote in naturesbeauty
While it's on my mind, here are the flamingos that I mentioned in my previous post. They were WAY across the pond so I had to use my zoom...which is the reason for the lack of clarity. Still if you click through to view large, you can make out more detail.

American Flamingos

ericrovve wrote in naturesbeauty
As I've yet to learn how to to this properly I've put them in as clickable links - hoping this is OK

As I've yet to learn cuts and links here I've posted as is - clickable links:

Flower booby-traps!

The (very rare) Martagon Lily has a spider holding a butterfly:
;;;and the yellow-horned Poppy a colour-matched killer:

Frozen Fence
Blue weasel
vandringar wrote in naturesbeauty
I hate winter, but love severe weather. This ice storm in Cincinnati last February was amazing.

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moontrail wrote in naturesbeauty