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Continuing my gator theme
kimber2007 wrote in naturesbeauty
I learned yesterday that ibises (and other wading birds) actually prefer to roost in trees over gator infested waters. Seems the gators keep the tree-climbing predators away.

So if you're ever in gator country and see a lot of wading birds hanging out in the trees over some water...DON'T go for a swim!


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Random: Schroeder
_meandthemajor wrote in naturesbeauty

This is the thrid section of my autumn photo series. Most of these were taken on a chilly, gray, and wet morning. 
Here, you can see parts one and two of the series. I plan on posting the fourth and final part of the series sometime later this week. 

MyPhotos005-1.jpg Series Small Version picture by rosesnewphotobucket

Pretty Boy
kimber2007 wrote in naturesbeauty
Saw this blue and gold macaw yesterday, as well. I think he's gorgeous!

Pretty Boy

psicoside wrote in naturesbeauty
Sometimes you find some ivy leaves that are completely white (well, pale yellow, actually) instead of being dark green.

(click on the picture to get a bigger one)

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portrait thing
mymichelle wrote in naturesbeauty
fall hike arch

Scotland, the Highlands
Daenerys Targaryen, GOT
_ithilienranger wrote in naturesbeauty
Hey guys, here are some photies I took while retuning back up North from visiting my grandparents.

Things I will miss about home
word_gardener wrote in naturesbeauty
I had a chance to stop by the lake where I used to live and take another photo with more fall color.  There are two under the cut.