November 2nd, 2007

  • origa

Autumn garden: Michigan.

 We have unusually warm autumn this year... A few pictures from my autumn garden,  and the haiku by association. 

Petunias, Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb

                                                                                   light breeze --
                                                                       the hummingbird's shadow
                                                                                  flower to flower

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my first

i woke up at 5 o clock to get ready this week. this is rare for me, but it think i should do it more often

I watched the sunrise on the top of a big hill while smoking a big bowl.
it was so beautiful outside. The sun was rising and there was a light snow everywhere.
after getting sufficiently high i roamed about the wheat fields and small patches of shrubbery.

I live in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains.

i tend to be in nature most of my day.

one day it was my friends birthday and so for fun we packed the bong and some water in a backpack and drove far out of town.
we hiked up this one trailhead but later trailed off and went across this log

the sun was stunning and all the fall leave coloring was bright as hell and amazing,
fall colors cannot be compared to anything.
i took a cool picture from later on. i was riding my horse and the sun was just perfect.
i'll post it another time.

but there was that. :) 
this community seemed cool for me because nature is a huge part of my life.
i like to view myself as a strong environmentalist.