October 31st, 2007

Dragonfly Fairy

Plant ID

My sister bought this cute little plant for me today at walmart for $4. It is a fuzzy succulant plant but does anyone know the real name of it?? And one more question....is it supposed to have the brownish edges. It looks kinda burnt. It seems to be healthy and the "burnt" edges gives it a very interesting look in my opinion.

In advance....Thanks for you help!! ;) 

((EDIT:I am so sorry.  I meant this post to be posted in another community called growing indoors.  I apoligize!


Things I will miss about home

This is a photo more of the clubhouse at the lake than of the lake and the trees starting to turn, but having said that, and I hope it is ok to ask here, can anyone explain why in the reflection it looks like a light is on in the third window?

I hope it is ok to put the photo here.

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