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Rock Quarry in Crescent, IA
bangogirl wrote in naturesbeauty
I find this place beautiful because it contains rocks and minerals that have been there since the ice age. You can see fossils of seaweed and shells from when Iowa and Nebrasaka were still under the ocean. Even with the construction equipment around, I still find this place very serene and beautiful.

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Summer in Germany
cocos wrote in naturesbeauty
Here are some pics of a forest in the "Bergischen Land" (montanious country).
Copyright: mine.

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King of Captain Crunch
justplainjen wrote in naturesbeauty


This guy was out at a park that I took my kids to and wouldnt let me out of my car because he was so used to getting free food from the people that visit all the time. He refused to budge and so I had to resort to throwing handfuls of captain crunch cereal out my window as far away as it would fly and he would gobble it up as fast as he could and then run back and want more and scoot closer to my kids as I was getting them each out of the car. We eventually ran out and then just...ran. Rotten bird :)

Things I will miss about home
word_gardener wrote in naturesbeauty
When I was a kid I used to fish from this spot.  Now there is a dock complete with benches to help enjoy the view.