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Mission Mountains
ccat50 wrote in naturesbeauty
Photo of the wildlife refuge at Ninepipes, Montana. Not much wildlife out today, except ducks and geese,
but the Mission Mountains were very pretty.

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ian_green wrote in naturesbeauty
xeto2007b0920 (c) ян грин 2007 хето

foto_man wrote in naturesbeauty

The Moon looked awsome tonight so I ran home and got my camera. It was larger at first and lower (missed that) but the clouds moved in a made for some interesting shots.

Equipment:Nikon d200 lens: 70-300 4.5/5.6
shot at 1.3 sec at f/4.5 ISO 160 at 92mm.
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More Montana!!
Dragonfly Fairy
drag_n_fly77 wrote in naturesbeauty

Dead and Weathered.
kimber2007 wrote in naturesbeauty
I found this beautiful.

Dead and Weathered
Click through for larger image.

(no subject)
grei87 wrote in naturesbeauty
sunday mornings.. after the rain, from mom's garden:
Maubu beach, Jolo, Sulu. Once again. Before the rain:

Moon Shoot Details
Floating, glowing
foto_man wrote in naturesbeauty

Thanks for all the comments. Since people were interested I put the whole shoot up at:
bad pics and all.
each image includes shoot info.

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me - blues cranky cold
afterthedreams wrote in naturesbeauty

Playalinda Beach
Merritt Island/Titusville, FL
10/28/07 -- 6:55 a.m.

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Golden Orb Weaver (Banana Spider)
Gromit Reading
cp wrote in naturesbeauty
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