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Lake Manawa, Iowa
bangogirl wrote in naturesbeauty
Here are some pictures I took of the sunset at Lake Manawa, IA. The moon was coming out at the exact same time as well, so I took a picture of that too.

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A little bit of country...
thebewleys wrote in naturesbeauty
Just a few photos I've taken here and there...This is my first post so bare with me...the photos are kind of random... :)
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Sunlight coming through the trees into a churchyard.

A beautiful sight
listyfox wrote in naturesbeauty
I know we're not really supposed to post just links, but I'm going to risk doing it this one time, in case anyone doesn't already know about the Astronomy Picture of the Day, put up by NASA.  It has been something I have been dropping by daily for years now, and many of the pictures are simply breathtaking.  I believe today's entry is particularly awe-inspiring, as was yesterday's.  The Cassini space probe has truly brought us some of the most fantastic pictures I have ever seen.

To think such beauty has been gliding silently through space, hidden from our view for all this time, only to take our breath away when we finally come upon it!

ian_green wrote in naturesbeauty
xeto2007b0822 (c) ян грин 2007 хето

jilleenphoto wrote in naturesbeauty