October 22nd, 2007

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The day they applauded the sun

Each night at sun set do you ever take a moment to marvel at it? I am usually so wrapped up in the four kids and all of life's evening and afterschool essentials. I try to take a moment to peek, at least for a moment, to see what the sunset has in store for my eyes. From my home in New York, the sky is obscured by neighbor's homes and power lines. When I'm on that Florida Gulf Coast, there's nothing but ocean to reflect the view.

During my last visit to Florida's left coast, I walked from my hotel to the beach. I snapped photos as the sun descended into the sea.

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Wow, these are beautiful!

I actually went out looking for LJs relating to birdfeeding.  (Periodically I mosey through different places in search of new readers.)  This wasn't at all what I was looking for, but I'm delighted to find it; the photographs are gorgeous.  I'll have to post a link in my blog so that my photographer friends can come here too.

As for celebrating the beauty of nature, I'm a writer rather than a photographer.  My poems often use natural imagery, and so does some of my other writing.  Drop by my blog if you're curious; I've got the bird post up there too.

Winter is on it's way

I snapped this picture yesterday evening at the top of the Santiam Pass in Oregon on Highway 20. Traveling from the valley to eastern Oregon for work this week. Quite the change from fall in the valley to winter in the mountains.

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