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(no subject)
kansasphoto wrote in naturesbeauty
Overlook at Riverside Park, Oswego, Ks.

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Albino Alligator
Blue weasel
vandringar wrote in naturesbeauty
Photographed at Gator Golf, in Orlando, Florida.

(no subject)
ex_autumnrai511 wrote in naturesbeauty
Are we allowed to post nature icons here? If not, please delete this post. Thanks.

More @ samanthavnr.

Rhizophora Roots
Blue weasel
vandringar wrote in naturesbeauty
Red mangrove roots photographed in the Everglades. This is my first experiment with HDR. It's not what I was expecting, but I like the results regardless.

Autumn along the Niagara Gorge
zenjaphy wrote in naturesbeauty

Rest of the set in my journal