October 17th, 2007


When I die...


When I die...
I want to be burried by a tree like this.

Perfect strangers will come visit my grave every fall
to take pictures of my tree -
and then they will get curious and come closer
to see what my name was,
and for a few minutes
complete strangers will be thinking about me -
wondering how I died -
wondering if I was a good mother -
wondering if I had a good life -
wondering if I was a good wife -
and if I made a difference in the world...

I want to be burried by a tree like this...
because then after everyone that loves me is gone -
complete strangers will still take pictures of my grave
and think about me
and I will continue to exist in their imaginations. 

(sometimes I just get little brain blurbs...and this is what came of the photo)


I'm learning photography, and teaching myself how to shoot macros right now. Thought I'd share one here. But I'm making it really small so if you don't want to look at a lily you don't have much to look at, and if you DO want to see it, you can click through for a larger image. :)