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A friendly Butterfly at our Exhibit
Butterfly with hands
zenmasterkha wrote in naturesbeauty

с таксой и салюкой
sapegin wrote in naturesbeauty

for the birds.
meganleewelch wrote in naturesbeauty
(images copyright megan lee welch 2007)

Canon Rebel XT

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Purple Autumn
trent daisy
naked_runner wrote in naturesbeauty

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Dragonfly Fairy
drag_n_fly77 wrote in naturesbeauty

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bangogirl wrote in naturesbeauty
These are pictures I took at Arbor Day Farms at the Applejack Festival last month. Home of Arbor Day! They had a 50 foot tower you could climb up and see the canopy of the forest, but I was unlucky enough to only have my camera phone with me. So I snapped a few interesting pictures:

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Chrissy: Glittery Lips
vacillated wrote in naturesbeauty
I watered our orange tree today and these little guys came out to enjoy the moisture! I thought they were cute... but I'm weird. Haha.

Amazing Norway...
chub_chubbs wrote in naturesbeauty

Atlantic Ocean
kimber2007 wrote in naturesbeauty
Snapped this a couple weekends back when I was down in Bethune Beach.

Atlantic ocean

Pokey Joe
justplainjen wrote in naturesbeauty

Found this lil guy in our garden.
He had recently been in the shed and got some spider web on his shell :)
He was much happier to be back outside in the soggy wet mess of moss.

world's largest maize maze
Mina - awesome
rinalia wrote in naturesbeauty

It took an hour to get through the world's largest maize maze. Some pics.

Camera: Canon EOS 20D
F/20 @ 1/1250 @ ISO 1600


jack_rubicon wrote in naturesbeauty
yesterday, i popped by the boss', after "work" to help him dig some holes so he could make some loose housing for his mustangs...beforehand, i took my camera into the neighboring pasture and took pictures of these shell beds that dot the hillside across from his house...apparently they are a mollosk bed...the rocky outcrops seem to look just like rock, unless you get close...the cows use it as a rub to scratch...they have shined the fossilized shells in the one area...it's kinda cool...first pic: note the cow shit in the foreground:

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the sea
writelifegirl wrote in naturesbeauty
myrtle beach, sc

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