October 15th, 2007


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These are pictures I took at Arbor Day Farms at the Applejack Festival last month. Home of Arbor Day! They had a 50 foot tower you could climb up and see the canopy of the forest, but I was unlucky enough to only have my camera phone with me. So I snapped a few interesting pictures:

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Chrissy: Glittery Lips


I watered our orange tree today and these little guys came out to enjoy the moisture! I thought they were cute... but I'm weird. Haha.

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Pokey Joe


Found this lil guy in our garden.
He had recently been in the shed and got some spider web on his shell :)
He was much happier to be back outside in the soggy wet mess of moss.


yesterday, i popped by the boss', after "work" to help him dig some holes so he could make some loose housing for his mustangs...beforehand, i took my camera into the neighboring pasture and took pictures of these shell beds that dot the hillside across from his house...apparently they are a mollosk bed...the rocky outcrops seem to look just like rock, unless you get close...the cows use it as a rub to scratch...they have shined the fossilized shells in the one area...it's kinda cool...first pic: note the cow shit in the foreground:

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