October 14th, 2007

Quick hello

Hi all. I'm an amateur photographer and nature fanatic, so I thought I'd join this group!

Yesterday I explored a salt marsh nearby; thought I'd share a pic. Click through for a larger view.

salt marsh 4

Florida's trees

One of the things I love most about Florida are its trees. Some of the gauziness in the tree limbs is Spanish Moss; the way the light filtered through at the time of the shot, it gave it a translucent appearance.

I took this shot a couple weeks back on the drive back from Amelia Island. Click through for a larger image.

Reaching inward

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Have't taken many pictures yet - but starting to get in the mood when I go outside and see all the beautiful colors.

A Fall Day
Last of the green
A Fall Day Last of the green

Willamette Valley, Oregon
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Has anyone here every been on archeological dig? Or know someone who has? I'm interested in going on one sometime soon, but my school only does one a year and it's in Israel (so it costs a lot of money to get there/lodge there/etc). SOOO I'm wondering how/if I could find out about some digs that might be less expensive/closer to home and that you don't have to do through your school. I know I've heard that there are some that just "take volunteers" but I've tried google and haven't really come up with anything. Just wondering if you guys had any experience with this or know someone who has who could help me out with some info! Thanks!