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joan72 wrote in naturesbeauty

Sea Grape Leaf
Blue weasel
vandringar wrote in naturesbeauty
This is a photo of a leaf from a sea grape (Coccoloba uvifera) that I had growing in a pot on my parent's driveway in Florida. Rather heavily photoshopped. For the curious, this effect was mostly acheived by changing red to black and removing the colour from yellow, then alternately burning and dodging the blade of the leaf.

St Petersburg, FL
glass dragonfly
twygsta wrote in naturesbeauty
This tree sits just outside the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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how do you post a picture to Natures Beauty?
missouriwoman wrote in naturesbeauty
 How do you post a picture to this community? Can't figure it out.............

So did I do it right? I pasted a link. Can you see the picture?
missouriwoman wrote in naturesbeauty

Johnson Shut Ins
missouriwoman wrote in naturesbeauty

jack_rubicon wrote in naturesbeauty

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